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Aussie Pairs is a shortened version of the Game, consisting of only 12 “Ends”.

Each Team is made up of 4 Players (male, female or mixed).

This Team operates more as a “Squad”, as only 2 Players take part in any one Match, meaning that Players can rotate as and when they like and are not committed to playing every week.

As each “End” is played, the 2 Players in each Team alternate between the “Lead” role and the “Skip”, which also helps newer Players to gain more experience of the Game overall.

Each Team may also nominate an “End” during the Match, that they wish to play as a “PowerPlay”. This means that if they win the “End”, then the number of Shots that they score will be doubled.

Entries for the 2024 are being taken now and must be received by Sunday 5th May. Please email Tania Cordial ( for further details and entry forms. The competition will commence on Monday May 13th and the League Standings will be available by clicking here