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During the winter, after the outdoor bowls season has finished, we play Short Mat bowls in our cosy clubhouse. Poole Park has a thriving and enthusiastic short mat section that runs from late September to March (see below for dates) regardless of if you bowl outdoors or not. They have four roll-up sessions a week and have two teams in local leagues which means that they travel around to play other clubs in bowls clubs, village halls and the like. Apart from the competitive aspect there is always a strong social element to short mat and many find it a welcome distraction from the wind and rain of the long winter days.
When does the Season start and end?
Our Season runs from the end of September and, because Short Mat is played in our Pavilion, the exact start date is not announced until the end of the Outdoor Season, which of course is weather dependant. The date will be known and announced by early September. The Season ends in early April, this time dependant on the condition of the Outdoor Greens and the start of that Season.