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Many Bowling Clubs organise coach tours around the Country, visiting other Bowls Clubs for Friendly Matches.

Poole Park has been a popular destination for these Clubs, for many years, as we’re able to offer upto 12 Rinks in a fantastic setting, as well as Refreshments and a Licensed Bar.

Our Members always enjoy these “Friendlies”, as the touring Clubs are effectively on holiday and the matches take on a fun element. Both sides still want to win though!

Friendly Matches scheduled for the remainder of this Season can be found on our Events page or below.


Sun 16th  –     Friendly Match against Griffins BC (2pm start, mixed- 6 rinks)

Sun 23rd  –     Friendly Match against Bitton BC (2pm start, mixed- 6 rinks)


Wed 10th  –    Friendly Match against Shire Park BC (2pm start, mixed- 4 rinks)

Wed 17th  –    Friendly Match against Manor Park BC (2pm start, mixed- 6 rinks)


Sun 11th  –     Friendly Match against Dorset Patrons (2pm start, mixed- rinks TBC) 

Tue 27th  –     Friendly Match against Tongham BC (2pm start, mixed- 6 rinks)


Thu 5th  –     Friendly Match against Bocking Alliance Tour (2pm start, mixed- 6 triples)

Tue 10th  –     Friendly Match against Dorking BC (2pm start, mixed- 6 rinks)

Thu 12th  –     Friendly Match against Northants Ladies (2pm start, ladies- 6 rinks)

Fri 13th  –       Friendly Match against Oakley BC (2pm start, mixed- 6 rinks)

Sat 14th  –      Friendly Match against Fairford BC (2pm start, mixed- 6 rinks)

Sun 15th  –     Friendly Match against Ledbury BC (2pm start, mixed- 6 rinks)

Wed 18th  –    Friendly Match against Bowls Isle of Wight President’s Tour (2pm start, mixed- 8 rinks)

Sat 21st  –       Friendly Match against Rotherfield Tour (2pm start, mixed- 6 rinks)

Sun 22nd  –    Friendly Match against Caversham BC (2pm start, mixed- 7 triples)